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Personalized video

at scale

Create a large number of unique videos instantly by weaving in individual viewer data, like a user’s name or company.

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A sample personalized video that shows the recipient’s name on a coffee cup.
Examples of how to personalize videos by including the viewer’s name on props.

How does video personalization work?

  • Step 1
    Connect with our video personalization team to identify your goals, and learn best practices.
  • Step 2
    Create a new video (or find an existing video that works).
  • Step 3
    Work with our video personalization team to define the personalized elements within your video.
  • Step 4
    Your personalized video is now ready for your website, email campaigns, or sales team. Go get those leads!

Personalized video for marketing

Capture attention, and stand out by using Personalized Video across all of your programs. Here are just a few ideas.

Your website

Include personalized video on your landing page to delight your audience, and qualify the most engaged leads. See example

Your email campaigns

Personalize your video to deliver a unique, individualized experience to thousands of viewers.

ABM and sales

Sales can easily send personalized videos tailored to each lead with the simple push of a button.

Your full video platform

More than just video personalization, Vidyard is a fully-featured online video platform for using video across your entire business.

A kit containing video tools that augment personalized videos.

Powerful integrations

Easily share viewer data across your existing marketing automation technology.


Track how individual users interact with videos to make powerful business decisions.

Engagement tools

Add email collection forms and calls-to-action directly into your video with ease.

More than marketing

Your entire company can access and send on-demand personalized videos, right from their inbox.

Make an impact

Personalized Video improves click-through rates, on-page conversions, and engagement rates.

  • Connect with prospects and customers on an individual level
  • Delight your audience
  • See higher click through and open rates

Vidyard’s own video expert Blake Smith explains what personalized videos are and how to create an awesome one. He’s joined by Mat King and the duo break down one of their favorite examples to showcase what a successful personalized video looks like.

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An illustration of analytics dashboards that track the impact of personalization videos.

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